Our Work

We have a passionate team mix of 300+ professionals who can deliver holistic solutions and large-volume deliverables overnight! And yet, with our ability to think and experiment with new formats, allows us to often churn out award-worthy work that exhilarates our clients, and establishes us as the go-to team for all their marketing requirements.

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CGI & VFX Studio


In association with eg+ Dubai, we repurposed existing assets of PepsiCo’s brands such as Cheetos, Pepsi, Doritos & Aquafina using advanced video editing techniques like Motion Tracking, Match Moving, Rotoscoping and CGI to deliver high-quality customised videos. With budget constraints across the globe during the pandemic, repurposing of assets has proven to be a cost effective and time efficient approach to help brands maintain a steady flow of ‘new’ assets.

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DCO-Led Micro Targeting


To help Etihad Airways tackle the challenge of competitive air travel pricing, Magnon eg+, in association with eg+ Abu Dhabi, executed a dynamic creative optimisation campaign that helped elevate Etihad’s sales to new heights. Featuring extensive micro-targeting, the campaign churned out a total of 33,600 unique banners in real time, which ultimately led to a staggering 85% savings on production cost.

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HP Showcase


HP India, the global IT giant is one of our most dynamic clients. Its massive range of advanced products inspire us to create rich, powerful, and comprehensive communication, both for print and digital platforms. HPs state-of-the-art product portfolio targets consumers of all ages, hence offering us a unique space to create impactful communication for different age groups as per their unique interests.

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Contextual Targeting


With the objective of establishing Nangrow as the best nutritional supplement online, we repurposed the existing TVC to highlight the proposition of all growth + zero added sugar and to reach out to split audiences. We used Media and Messaging Architecture and hyper contextual messaging to target different audience segments as per their interests. This resulted in a 600% increase in conversion rate as compared to the previous campaign.

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Dynamic Video Creation


Video assets are generally created for specific target audiences. We decided to use dynamic video creation to drive relevance of one video asset for multiple target audiences. To achieve this, we identified 4 relevant target genres and created 4 base video cuts from the master video and crafted 50 unique pieces of messaging that resonated with various unique audience profiles. The result was an amazing 50 unique assets created from one base asset.

play iconHamdan
Personalized Video Greetings


We helped Max Life Insurance leverage the occasion of New Year to reach out their consumers in an effective way. To stand out from the innumerable New Year messages, we dynamically developed over 15,000 video greetings which the advisors downloaded via SMS and further shared with their clients. We kept the communication celebratory, relevant, evocative, and personalised. The number of client-advisor meetings increased and resulted in a substantial business growth for the month.

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Personalized Consumer Experience


To establish Asknestle.in as the go-to expert in nutrition, we came in with a digital strategy that revolved around hundreds of user journeys! The approach featured Messaging and Media Architecture, which involved gathering data around millions of search queries, deriving insights on pain points, mapping pain points to the features on asknestle.in and simulating user journeys, while ensuring zero creative fatigue by refreshing the messaging while retargeting. More than 200 unique hyper-contextual display banners were dynamically created, and the approach resulted in higher than ever before engagement.

play iconFame Istan
Dynamic Banners


Fame-istan was a first-of-its-kind opportunity for budding filmmakers, actors, cinematographers, and other film artists to get under the limelight. We gave the campaign a twist by creating dynamic banners, which integrated with individual TA profiles such that each individual saw their picture in the banner. The audience reactions were invaluable, and this went viral as many of them shared these banner images featuring their photographs on social media.